1 June 2019

‘Becoming Parents’ – A Spiritual Journey

Majellan’s new pregnancy magazine Becoming Parents - A Spiritual Journey was launched at the Essential Baby and Toddler Show in Melbourne in early April. Around 10,000 people attended the expo at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.

The four-issue magazine includes articles, prayers and meditations, written by leaders in the parenting world. The aim is to help couples spiritually connect with their baby before she or he is born and help them understand the changes in their bodies and those of the infant.

Four issues will be sent to the expectant parents over the term of the pregnancy and each issue will be delivered at a time that is personalised and based on the baby’s due date.

Becoming ParentsA Spiritual Journey complements our regular magazine The Majellan which has been in circulation for more than 70 years. Our writers have a wealth of experience between them and they will help guide a couple through their pregnancy journey, whether it’s the first, second or third trimesters, or at the time of birth.

Each of the four issues will include:

  • Stories from other parents who have been on this journey
  • Activities to enrich your journey
  • Articles on how to strengthen your relationship with your partner, family, your baby and God
  • Spiritual moments for developmental milestones
  • Guides for important conversations
  • Meditations for self-care
  • Reflections from grandparents
  • Articles on how fathers can be involved
  • And naming your baby

Subscriptions are $20. More information is available here