Month: June 2021

How Families transform the world

Pope Francis, in the Joy of Love, shows how families can help transform the world. He says:

“The family lives its spirituality by being both a domestic church and a vital cell for transforming the world.”

But it is hard to see how families, in all their messiness and struggles, can possibly be a domestic church, never mind a vital cell for transforming the world. For how can families possibly transform the world when the children can’t even tidy up after themselves?

Happy Families

No doubt, our great thinkers considered it was all somehow contained in what was said in their ideas about `being’, ‘spirit’, `truth’, `love’, `beauty’, `body and soul’, `politics’, and so forth. The fact that every human being was born of a man and a woman, had brothers and sisters, and grew to feel a rather …

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New Ap is launched

The all new free Majellan Media Family App is here.

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Pope’s June prayer intention dedicated to Marriage

The Anzac Spirit has continued to develop since the images long past of young men scaling the steep cliffs of Gallipoli or trudging along the harsh Kokoda Track. Courage, mateship, endurance, and sacrifice were hallmark qualities that emerged from those desperate times. The Anzac spirit lives on in today’s service people, and so do the challenges. Veterans have a higher rate of suicide than the average Australian, and a royal commission has now been established to better understand how we can prevent further tragedy.

Happy Snaps

Easter was extra special for proud parents Jamie and Ana O’Brien, whose baby Priscila Rose was baptised at St Gerard’s Church Mirrabooka, Perth, by Fr Giosue Marini, during the Vigil Mass. They were joined by 300 parishioners and family and friends. Photos courtesy Dr Marco Ceccarelli and Jamie O’Brien. Also proud as punch were Gabrielle …

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