Month: August 2021

Majellan Family Prayers

This week’s Family Prayer is dedicated to families whose loved ones are dying. It is natural to want to be close to family members and to support one another during times of grief. Unfortunately, lockdowns have made it difficult for families to be together. So, whatever the circumstance, we pray families may be comforted by God.

10 Tips to Manage Lockdown Fatigue

Many people are missing their old way of life and are frustrated with restrictions and the unpredictability of lockdown. It’s common to feel tired and unmotivated when your usual schedule is disrupted, so it’s important to create a routine that nurtures your mental health. Here are 10 tips to improve your daily life! 

Pondering God’s purpose

Have you ever experienced something that becomes more absorbing the more you spend time with it? Maybe it’s a piece of music, a novel, a spot in the park. You could watch that movie a million times. The bible is similar. It was written to be pondered; it is ‘meditation literature’.

Nature’s Revenge

Pope Francis has been one of the most prominent voices internationally warning about the ‘catastrophic’ dangers of climate change in his 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’.

Yet some people are annoyed with Pope Francis because of his constant advocacy for urgent action on climate change. But Francis insists climate change involves crucial moral issues, threatening the life support systems of the entire planet. 

Mary’s song is our song

Mary set out quickly from Nazareth to a town in the hill country of Judah, to visit her older cousin, Elizabeth, who was pregnant with the child we know as John the Baptist. Mary is carrying her own child, Jesus. At the presence of Jesus and his mother, the child in Elizabeth’s womb leaps for joy!

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