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Welcome to the Majellan Bookstore where you will find the best religious books online.  We stock a wide range of books and pamphlets on a wide range of topics.  

Faith, development, theology, prayer, books to create your own sacred space and and resources to help build a strong, faith filled family.

Because we are not for profit you will find great resources at great prices that in most cases INCLUDES postage.

Preparing For a Lifetime of Love

Imagine an engaged couple preparing for marriage having an opportunity to sit down with Pope Francis himself and listen to the pope speak from his heart about marriage and love, commitment, and faith and joy! That’s exactly what Preparing for a Lifetime of Love offers every engaged couple.

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Daffy Definitions For Seniors – With A Laugh And A Prayer

Bernadette McCarver Snyder offers sage and humorous advice to all who sometimes feel the pinch of aging and the aches, pains, and problems that can come with it. She also includes prayers that focus on the positive aspects of senior years. And the delightful artwork adds just the right touch of whimsy.

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The Sunday Living Word

An excellent resource for clergy in their Homily preparation, individuals for personal reflection and as a guide for leaders of prayer groups.

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