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Welcome to the Majellan Bookstore where you will find the best religious books online.  We stock a wide range of books and pamphlets on a wide range of topics.  

Faith, development, theology, prayer, books to create your own sacred space and and resources to help build a strong, faith filled family.

Because we are not for profit you will find great resources at great prices that in most cases INCLUDES postage.

Abstinence during Lent is required at age fourteen and fasting at age eighteen. This pamphlet for teens addresses the full meaning of fasting, how
One of every eight teenagers in the U.S. suffers from depression. This pamphlet discusses the lifelong effects of untreated adolescent depression, including; Myths about
Why Am I Sick? explains why living things get sick, and reminds us that God truly loves us–especially when we are sick. This pamphlet