Healing Our World

A reminder that the ‘Healing Our World’ retreat at St Clement’s Conference Centre in Galong, NSW will take place from October 5 to 8. ‘Healing Our World’ is an Australian Ecumenical response to global health crises drawing on:

1. Laudato Si’ – On Care for our Common home

2. Fratelli Tutti – Fraternity & Social Friendship

3. The Economy of Francesco- A response to the world’s inequalities

4. The United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

To Register or express interest, email the centre at: or phone at 02 6380 5222.

Climate Changes Everything

Climate change is a serious issue for the entire planet, but especially for those nations in the developing world. Wealthier countries like Australia have a responsibility to protect the poorest and most vulnerable among us. There is a notion that relying less on fossil fuels will have an immediate and negative impact for people living in poverty. This video challenges that view and argues that our changing climate will have more of an impact on those at the margin.

Merry Christmas 2020 Merry Christmas This year has been different! For those of us in Australia and New Zealand where we are approaching normality, it could be easy to forget the struggles that continue in other countries where infection numbers remain high – and growing, and where many are still suffering. Let us pause a moment each …

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Marriage is a Journey of Love

Marriage is a Journey of Love

It is very noticeable when you are around the family and friends of a young couple who are getting ready for their wedding day, how much of the conversation is about them losing their freedom, especially the man! People talk about getting married and settling down. The implication is that all the fun of life will now be over. Of course, this is generally good humoured. But there is also an element of seriousness about it.