The price per set is $7.50 for up to 9 sets and INCLUDES POSTAGE.

The price for 10 to 20 sets is $7.00 PLUS POSTAGE. An invoice for postage at cost will be sent with your order.

A further 25% Discount when you order 20 or more packs.  (price per pack is $5.25) PLUS POSTAGE.

For organisations we offer special pricing and volume discounts to help you in your fund raising efforts. It may seem early to think about Christmas, however by ordering now you will ensure you won’t miss out.

The price to organisations is $7.00 per set for order of 10 or more plus delivery and orders of 20 sets or more will receive a further 25% discount, plus delivery charges.

Cards are available now and payment can be made using credit card or alternatively we will send an invoice (organisations only).

Charity Christmas cards from Majellan Media


During this time of social distancing, the ability to communicate in writing with friends and loved ones is more important than ever. Especially at Christmas.

Because of Covid-19 we may not be able to be with our family and friends for the traditional gatherings and so sending meaningful messages of joy and love is more important than ever.

The Majellan Christmas cards are a perfect way to send a joyful message of love to those you care about.  Our cards convey the true meaning of Christmas, are beautifully designed and are reasonably priced.

All sales support the mission of the Redemptorists and Majellan in Australia and New Zealand.

Order early as we expect demand to be high in 2021.