Spiritual nourishment in a time of crisis

Spiritual Nourishment

Spiritual nourishment in a time of crisis


This is a truly difficult time with the Covid-19 pandemic causing a worldwide health crisis.  It is also affecting how we live and work and make ends meet as a family and a community.

It is creating a spiritual crisis too. With Churches and other places of worship in lockdown, regular access to familiar spiritual guidance is also affected.

We wish to reach out to our Majellan Family and friends with a few spiritual initiatives to support you.

  1. Our  Editor, David Ahern has put together a number of articles for you to read and reflect on while you are in lockdown. Some are classics from our archives. One article will be sent to you each week and cover topics such as anxiety, depression, prayer, addictions …  You can also visit our Family Guides page to see the guides we have already produced as well as get a list of important links to organisations that provide practical help when needed.
  2. Reflections from our Sunday bulletins are available to you each Thursday on the readings for the Sunday to come. Enjoy! Get them here 
  3. You will receive the next edition of the Majellan Family magazine as usual.
  4. You can access our Figuring out Families podcasts and videos at the Commonhome.tv Youtube channel.  Each has topics relevant to the spiritual life.
  5. Please visit our Redemptorist Province website for a whole host of links to issues connected with Covid 19
  6. You can request prayers for yourself or family and friends. These will be included in a mass celebrated by Redemptorists.  Submit your prayer request here
  7. Get the Bread 4 today app on your device and have a daily prayer delivered to you every day.


We also invite you to email us at office@majellan.org.au if you have any topics you would like discussed or talked about.

Please write to us about your experience of being in lockdown and we will edit the best of these and publish them on our website.  By sharing our stories we can help others. Email us at 0ffice@majellan.org.au


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