Episode 1 with Denis Fitzgerald from Catholic Social Services Victoria

In our first episode of Figuring out Families we are pleased to welcome Denis Fitzgerald, outgoing Executive Director of Catholic Social Services Victoria (CSSV).  Denis has been with CSSV for eleven years where he has been a staunch advocate for social justice and support for those most in need in our society.

Catholic Social Services Victoria assists the Catholic Church in following the teachings of Jesus Christ to stand with and serve those who are poor, disadvantaged and marginalised; and to work for a just, equitable and compassionate society.

As a peak body for Catholic community services in Victoria CSSV supports and enhances the work of service and justice of our member organisations. 

Join us as we talk to Denis about the issues and challenges facing families today, the main causes of family breakdown, and how it’s contributing to an increased problem in local communities and society generally.

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Presenter: David Ahern
Production: Tony Biviano 

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