Episode 3 Juli Sharp from Genesis Pregnancy Support on the issues about sex young people face today

In this Figuring Out Families podcast we talk to Juli Sharp Executive Officer of Genesis Pregnancy Support. 

Juli’s been with the organisation for 20 years and previously served on the national board of Pregnancy Help Australia. She has written 10 sex and relationship education programs for schools called beREADY. Under her leadership, the organisation has also opened second-hand baby gear shops named ‘Reborn’ and introduced post abortion healing retreat weekends for women who are suffering.

In this podcast we speak to Juli about the issues facing young mothers and women expecting babies, the changing trend of abortion and how pornography is having an adverse effect on families and children.

Juli is a mother of three adult children and a grandmother of four.

Host:  David Ahern
Producer: Tony Biviano.

By Majelan.media

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