Faith and Spirituality in Families – Focus Session with Derek Boylen

In this session we explore how faith and spirituality effect relationships in the pressure of daily life.

Derek and David are joined by special guest Karen (Derek’s wife) to explore the importance of taking time to strengthen our ‘spiritual being’ and how in doing so we build closer more loving relationships.

Topics covered in this session:

  • The meaning of spirituality
  • Spirituality, faith or religion?
  • How we experience spirituality in the day-to-dayness of life.
  • Learning to see our family members with new eyes. How to behold them.
  • Opening space in your family for spiritual conversations to occur more naturally
  • Thinking about what you’d like to pass onto your children and how to be intentional
  • Finding people your family can journey in faith with.
  • First steps if you’re very new to this but want to explore faith and spirituality more.

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