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Resources  to pray, build faith, grow and strengthen family life

Prayers & Reflections

Small things with great love

The opportunity to make a fresh start is something that we all value, especially if we have been struggling with problems which have weighed us...

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People who found the light

Galilee was no one’s idea of a place that could launch a ‘world changing movement’. Galilee’s history was not glorious. The readings today refer to...

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Faith On Line

Three-minute reflections. Written by  Redemptorist priests New reflection each Wednesday Almost 30 years ago Majellan introduced Catholic Faithline which included two monthly messages that were written

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Family Guides

Family Guides

Majellan Family Guides Practical help for families No matter how loving and caring, all families experience issues. For more than 70 years The Majellan has assisted families with their struggles and, where possible, offered appropriate advice. On this page you will find articles and links about issues that affect families....

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Podcasts with great family advice

Your Prayers

Saint Gerard Prays with us Ask him to support your petition by his prayers. St Gerard Majella, a Redemptorist brother, has long been known as a helper of families, especially expectant mothers, new...

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For over 70 years the Majellan has focused on family matters and provided families with advice, news and spiritual nourishment to help make families the best they can be. You can subscribe for yourself or give a gift subscription to a family member or friend to help them in their relationships and family life.…


Latest Articles

Heading back to school

The new school year is upon us. With the long summer break drawing to a close, parents naturally think of check lists and what needs to be done.

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New Weekly Quiz

How well do you know your scripture?  Participate in our weekly quiz to test your knowledge of the bible. Each week we will post three questions on various parts of the bible. Questions range from easy to not so easy. Find out how well you know your scripture or learn in a fun and easy way.

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