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Family Guides

Majellan Family Guides Practical help for families No matter how loving and caring, all families experience issues. For more than 70 years The Majellan has assisted families with their struggles and, where possible, offered appropriate advice. On this page you will find articles and links about issues that affect families....

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Praying with St Gerard

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Saint Gerard Prays with us Ask him to support your petition by his prayers. St Gerard Majella, a Redemptorist brother, has long been known as a helper of families, especially expectant mothers, new...

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Prayer is Life

Prayer and listening – Podcast

In Lent as we strive to deepen our relationship with God Fr David Hore CSsR explores the transformative journey of prayer. In our latest conversation we unpack the essence of prayer, and how to truly listen for God. Prayer is not just a request line to God but is a profound exchange that begins with His enduring love. Fr David eloquently shares insights on the significance of thankfulness, reminding us to appreciate the ultimate gift of Jesus and the countless blessings already bestowed upon us. We focus on the often-overlooked art of listening within our prayer practice, emphasising how silence can forge a deeper, more intimate connection with the Divine, allowing us to truly receive God’s word.

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Prayer is Life

Prayer during Lent – Podcast

Listen in, to our latest podcast where Fr David Hore CSsR reflects
on the profound significance of prayer during the Lenten season. Fr David unpacks Lent as a spiritual retreat, a time for self-examination and growth, mirroring the yearly spring cleaning of our homes but with a focus on our inner selves.
Fr David sheds light on the importance of not necessarily increasing the quantity of prayer, but enriching its quality, ensuring our hearts and actions align with Christ’s teachings. He emphasises the power of prayer to guide us through this season of transformation.
Engaging in this conversation, we uncover how these practices can lead to a deeper appreciation of Good Friday
and Easter, as well as a more profound connection with Jesus.
Join us as we explore the indispensable role of prayer in
life’s tapestry.

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