Focus Sessions Twelve Facets of Intimacy – Focus Session with Derek Boylen

Intimacy play an important part in all relationships. However, we tend to think of intimacy in terms of emotional or physical connection. In this session Derek explains what intimacy means and shows us that there are actually twelve facets of intimacy.

As you listen, you will discover what these 12 facets are, how important it is to share intimacy in family relationships, how to expand a couple’s capacity to experience closeness and how we can overcome the vulnerability that we sometimes feel during ‘intimate’ moments.

This is another valuable episode to help you make your relationship and your family the best it can be.

Your host is David Ahern

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Derek Boylen is an experienced relationship counsellor and is available for private consultation.

To enquire about private sessions with Derek, or have a specific question about family and relationships answered go to our website and complete the enquiry form here Enquiries are made in the strictest confidence.

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