Supporting Our Foster Care System on International Day of Families

Today marks the 27th International Day of Families since it was established by the UN 1993. Families are the most important institutions in the world, when the family breaks down the impact is felt across all facets of life. Conversely, a strong family unit gives each individual within, the greatest opportunity to fulfill their potential and become pillars of their community. On this day we hope that all of us can strengthen the bonds within our own families, promote causes that enrich families, and highlight the many issues facing them today.

At Majellan we would like to pay special attention to foster families on this day. All children deserve a happy and safe upbringing, a loving foster family gives children the upbringing that they might not have had it not been for their amazing adopted parents. It’s a beautiful thing to foster a child, and it’s a deeply Christian deed too. There is no greater foster parent in the Christian tradition than St Joseph, who raised the Son of God and instilled in him all the lessons that an earthly father could give.

An issue to which all of us should be paying attention is the current crisis in the foster care system. With job loss, school disruptions, and the mental health effects of isolation; COVID-19 has put an unbelievable strain on families, especially those struggling with poverty and other afflictions. More kids need foster homes than ever before, and more than ever, children are exposed to abuse at home.

Mackillop Family Services has been running a crisis appeal to raise much-needed funds to help recruit, train, and support foster carers for children in need. By following this link you can give as little as $25 to help support this worthwhile cause.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Mackillop Family services, we caught up with the CEO of the organization – Dr. Robyn Miller.

Robyn is a social worker and family therapist with more than thirty years’ experience. She also worked as a consultant with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Her organisation provides numerous services in the areas of Disability, Youth Support, Family, Education, and Out of Homecare.

The episode can be found using this link!


Happy Day of Families and God Bless you all!

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