Josie Jones – Australian of the Year 2020 Victorian Local Hero

Each morning, Josie Jones starts her day by collecting rubbish on the beach. A single mum, she has volunteered over 10,000 hours and countless dollars to improve the water quality in Victoria’s Port Phillip bay.  Personally collecting over 5.3 tonnes of rubbish from its shorelines.

Josie devotes every spare moment to stopping litter entering waterways, and engaging the community to inspire change.

A graphic designer, she has used her skills successfully to dramatically decrease cigarette butts on local streets through her ‘The Only Butt’ campaign.

She spoke to Figuring our Families about the work she does for the environment, how her life was impacted when her mother committed suicide, being a single mum and her faith.

We’re sure you will be inspired by this remarkable woman.

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