Family Prayer Time

Speaking up for beliefs

Lord, give us the courage
       to stand up for what we believe in.

May we never be intimidated
       into keeping quiet about
             the things we believe in – 
       Even if others disagree with us
             or even try to belittle us.

family prayers for daily grace

Provides prayerful words that cover Family many experiences. 


For those who are Sick

Developing Our Talents

Being a Good Friend

Lord, we ask you to give strength and comfort
       to all the people who are sick and suffering.
        especially to the small children who are ill.
Take away their fears and their pain. Lord,
       and bring comfort and healing to them.
Let us understand, Lord
     that the talents you have given us
          don’t usually come to us fully developed.

It’s up to us to do our best
      to develop them and to use them
            wisely and well.

We ask you for the perserverance
         to develop and use our talents
                  for our own good and that of others.
There are times, Lord,
      When we get annoyed with our friends
              and become very critical and judgemental.
Let us learn to accept our friends as they are
     and not expect them to be perfect.
Teach us to always be loyal, understanding,
     forgiving, and loving.
And help us realize how lucky we are
     to have good friends in our lives.