New Series: Parenting Sessions coming early 2021

In our new podcast series, Parenting Sessions, we interview Dr Rosina McAlpine, who is an author, parenting expert and CEO of Win Win Parenting. 

Win Win Parenting supports parents to successfully navigate the ups and downs of family life. Dr Rosina believes managing home life more confidently leads to less stress and better outcomes for children and a more harmonious family life. 

Parents learn practical strategies to manage day-to-day parenting challenges such as struggles with technology, emotional outbursts and keeping calm even in the most volatile situations. 

Dr Rosina appears regularly in the media and her innovative evidence-based parenting programs support parents locally and internationally. In episodes to come in early 2021, Dr Rosina discuses Win Win Parenting and understanding the teenage brain and why teenagers can seem ‘erratic’. 

Listen to an early release session by Dr Rosina ” Emotional Intelligence” here

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