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  • Children's Books

    Whatever You Do for the Least of These

    Ministering to ill and dying children and their families. Details main issues confronting children and adolescents of different ages when they are faced with illness, injury or dying. Highlights the issues faced by pare

  • Youth

    10 Good Reasons to be a Catholic

    Cuts out guilt-tripping that young people often associate with religion to provide concrete reasons for living a Catholic life.

  • Youth

    10 More Good Reasons to be a Catholic

    Gives young Catholics a deeper appreciation of their faith.

  • Confirmation

    Confirmation For Teens

    Confirmation for Teens can be used as a complete program in preparation for this sacrament.

  • Family & Marriage

    Youth Mentoring

    “Youth Mentoring” is filled with encouragement, ideas, real-life vignettes and resources that will help you become a mentor, a friend and a model of Christian virtue.

  • Family & Marriage

    They Do Grow Up

    Anyone living in a household with Teens will enjoy and profit from the honesty shared in this book. It can be a great discussion-starter for parents and Teens at home or anywhere.

  • Faith Development

    Write On!

    Write On! will encourage your child’s spiritual and emotional development while strengthening writing skills.

  • Youth

    10 Tough Issues For Teenagers

    Challenges teenagers to examine their attitudes and actions and to look at the way they live their life.

  • Youth

    Don’t Read This Book

    A book for teenagers written by Jim Auer. As a teacher he has learned a lot about how Teens think and feel.

  • Youth

    Life Strategies for Catholic Teens

    LAST COPY Addresses the challenges young people face today from a Catholic Christian perspective.

  • Youth

    More Than The Mall

    A survival guide for Christian Teens .

  • Youth

    Real Life Takes Guts Go For It

    A wealth of advice every teen needs to hear honestly and candidly.

  • Youth

    Sex and the Christian Teen

    Uses straight talk to answer the tough questions Teens may have about being sexually active.

  • Easter & Lent

    Safe Fasting for Teens

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    Letters to Teens

  • Youth

    Handbook For Today’s Catholic Teen

    The perfect guide on the journey to Catholic Christian adulthood.

  • Depression

    Depression and Teens

  • Wellbeing

    Getting High, Feeling Low?

  • Children's Books

    Teaching Kids to Care

    Reflections, Activities and Prayers on Practicing Virtues.
    Organized by 25 virtues—compassion, empathy, justice, and more—this essential resource also includes brief reflections and prayers for each virtue. The ideas and approaches can be used at home, in classrooms, or in small or large groups to help children of all ages grow into the compassionate and caring people God created them to be.