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    What I’ve Learned From My Daughter

    A mother’s compelling account of raising a child with Down Syndrome.

  • Family & Marriage

    Help Your Child Make Friends and Be a Friend

    Research has shown that the primary cause of divorce is incompatibility

  • Family & Marriage

    Parents: Builders of a Nation’s True Greatness

    The family is the true measure of the greatness of a nation.

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    Raising Kids Who Care

    *** LAST COPY ***A practical approach to growing moral character in children under different situations.

  • Family & Marriage

    Catholic Dad: Coaching Your Family

  • Family & Marriage

    Catholic Mom: Nurturing Your Household

  • Family & Marriage

    Bless My Special Child

    As the mother of a child with an unidentified genetic syndrome, author Carolyn Quiñonez crafts these prayers into six sections based on the stages of adjustment that families with special needs children experience.

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    Prayers For Parents

    Packed with more than 60 prayers, Prayers for Parents is an easy-to-read, everyday parenting guidebook that provides effective ways for us to pass on Christian wisdom to our children.

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    They Do Grow Up

    Anyone living in a household with Teens will enjoy and profit from the honesty shared in this book. It can be a great discussion-starter for parents and Teens at home or anywhere.

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    Becoming Parents A Spiritual Journey

    Every day of pregnancy is a step toward delivery. Each day is a growth milestone as your baby develops in the womb. Learn how to connect on a spiritual level before your baby is born. Buy a subscription to Becoming Paren

  • Parenting

    Being a Catholic Mother

    It may be that the life of a Catholic mother has never been harder

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    Blessings & Prayers for New Parents

    Holding your child for the first time can be overwhelming