Angels in the Wilderness



The Gospels tell us that when Jesus had been tempted in the wilderness, and was utterly exhausted, angels came and ministered to him. Katharine Smith has written this book to bring hope and courage to all those who suffer in the wilderness of depression, and those who live with them and love them.



St. Mark’s Gospel says that when Jesus had spent forty days in the wilderness, the angels came and ministered to him. This book hopes to be an angel, ministering to people who are wandering in the wilderness of depression. Katharine Smith has suffered from depression herself, so she writes with honesty about the wilderness experience. And that means that the hope she offers to those who are still trapped is born out of reality, not illusion. She holds out the promise that the ministering angels are there, however little their presence or comfort can be felt in the middle of desperate depression. Through a profound and insightful engagement with the Jesus of Mark’s Gospel, the book shows that God longs to reach out in compassionate sympathy and healing love to those in need. God does not despise or condemn but waits and works patiently to bring us out of our wilderness and minister to us. Those who suffer from depression will recognise someone who has walked in the wilderness and survived. There is also wise counsel for those who live with or love someone ill with depression. This is a book that casts out fear, because it is brave and loving. It is a ministering angel in printed form.