Be Healed in Heart


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Let us pray together that the healing power of God may


The greatest need of the whole world today, of every home, of every human heart is HEALING. Discrimination, injustice, violence, war, – all have their beginning in the heart.War and violence and injustice will cease when the heart is healed of hatred, vengeance, deceit, hypocrisy, snobbishness. This healing is not only possible; through Christ, we can have it immediately by asking for it. Ours were the sorrows He carried. On Him lies a punishment that brings us peace, and through His wounds we are healed. Once we are HEALED IN HEART, the Kingdom of God will cover the earth, a kingdom of peace and justice and love. Let us pray that God’s healing hand be laid on us. His kingdom come into our hearts and spread across the world until all violence ceases, all wounds are healed, every tear is wiped away, and Christ is all in all.