Bursting Out In Praise: Spirituality And Mental Health



The author draws on his own hard-earned wisdom for this series of reflections on spirituality and mental health. He covers a range of experiences including: upsides (unexpected blessings along the mental health journey), downsides (challenges along the mental health journey), recovery (steps and considerations for getting back on track), balance (modern and contemplative wisdom for life), loving life (through fully embracing the mental health journey) and spirituality (an inner dynamism toward fullness of life).


Bringing together wisdom from psychology and spirituality, he acknowledges the enormous benefit of psychological tools for wellness as well as a spirituality that aims to tell a different story. Ignatian Spirituality is a consistent thread throughout that offers a psycho-spirituality of great depth and awareness. This is a gentle introduction to spirituality and mental health. The real-life examples show that there is no dividing line between mental illness and normality. Everyone is somewhere along the mental health continuum and God is with them every step of the way.