How Can I Comfort the Recently Widowed?


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We seldom give thought to the changes death brings to those left behind. You want to help, but what to say? What to do? How Can I Comfort the Recently Widowed? offers expert advice on how to help a friend through the grief and loss of a spouse. This pamphlet is written by award winning-author Marilyn Gustin, who survived the death of her husband with the love and kindness of dear friends. Back cover; When death takes a spouse…can there be a more difficult, painful time? Friends and loved ones of the widowed are unsure how to act, uncertain how to help. We search for words of comfort and support. Best-selling author Marilyn Gustin draws on her personal experience with this simple, deeply sensitive pamphlet for all those who want to reach out but dread making the situation worse. Her gentle, engaging suggestions offer the heartfelt advice of one who has been there and knows what needs to be said and done.

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