Manage the Mess of Family Stress


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What causes conflict and stress in our daily lives?


What causes conflict and stress in our daily lives? Work? Too many commitments? Just the stress of managing your every day life?Dr. Richard Brown examines what causes anxiety and describes behaviours that Jesus seemed to use in times of stress. By working through the exercises provided in the book, families learn to resolve life’s problems and make the connection to the Mass as their primary source of help.Divided into easy-to-read chapters, each ending with reflection, Manage the Mess of Family| Stress offers solutions and ways to manage Family| stress through a variety of techniques, including working through natural personality differences and loving forgiveness. The tools provided in this book help parents to grow in behaviours that provide both workable solutions to life’s primary difficulties and at the same time develop their spiritual relationship with God and each other.It also offers pastors and religious education professionals a way to give parishioners and those who minister to them an understanding of what causes conflict and stress and to offer practical applications for overcoming conflict and growing spiritually.When families understand the causes of life’s problems and practice effective solutions, parents can become the spiritual director of their household by learning to deal with everyday stress by using their Catholic faith.

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