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Why me, Lord? Why now? ; Unexpected hospital stays and illnesses often take a spiritual toll that we are not used to confronting. As we seek comfort and healing, we struggle to find meaningful words to pray. ; This helpful pamphlet offers thirty prayers, each framed by a quote from the Psalms, for facing the spiritual trials of a short-term illness or hospital stay. ; Sample Prayer; Confronting Pain; I hurt. All I can think about is my pain. I am engulfed in pain, and I can’t take it much longer.; Jesus, you were nailed to a tree; you know what it’s like to be in pain. You know my misery, and I believe you long to take it away from me.; God, if it be your will, take away my pain, but if not, be with me in my suffering. Wrap your loving arms around me and help ease my burden.; In the Garden Of Gethsemane, Jesus, the Father gave you the strength you needed. I beg you to do the same for me. Deluxe Pamphlet.

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