The Community We Call Church


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One of the first questions that occurs on the journey of faith is “What is the Church?” This deluxe pamphlet offers an insightful, complete, yet concise, answer to that question. Directed toward those who are beginning the RCIA program, The Community We Call Church describes the founding and growth of the Church, its mission, and the meaning of its presence in the world.

The Christian Community is “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.” Although the Church has many members, it is united as the one Body of Christ. Scripture tells us that the Church is “a royal priesthood, a holy people.” Following the commission that Jesus issued to his followers, the Church is apostolic. A community of believers united under one head and led by the Spirit, the Church continues the mission of Jesus as it announces the universal call to holiness to all people through evangelization, witness, and worship. The laity has a unique role in this mission, for the laity is sent into the world and is presented with opportunities every day to share Christ.


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