The Community Worships


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The Mass is the clearest expression of our identity as a Church. It is not possible to understand the Christian Community without this uniquely defining action that binds the Church together as the people of God. The Community Worships introduces the Mass to those who are preparing to join the Church.

The First Christians came to incorporate elements of Jewish worship with the Paschal meal. This work of the people, or liturgy, came to be known as the Mass. In the Introductory Rite and the reading of the Word, the community comes together to recall the saving action of God. Encouraged by the Word, and having professed their belief, the faithful confidently offer prayers as they prepare to come to the table of the Lord. In the Liturgy of the Eucharist the community continues the recollection of the events of salvation. In words and ritual action, all are united in the encounter and reception of the risen Christ an encounter which the community is directed to carry out into the world.

The Community Worships is an inspiring presentation that will lead to a greater appreciation of the Mass in the life of the Church.

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