The God Confict: Faith in the Face of Atheism


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New Atheism presents a grave danger to believers


New Atheism presents a grave danger to believers, especially young adults. Promoted by the “Four Horsemen of New Atheism,” authors of best-selling books in the 2000s, New Atheism exhorts that religion should not be simply tolerated, but should be criticized and exposed.As part of the “new evangelization” efforts of the Catholic Church, The God Conflict: Faith in the Face of New Atheism offers various perspectives – from those who have left the church to those who need to be re-affirmed as to why they practice Catholicism — on the Catholic faith and our world today.If you make yourself available to God, there is evidence galore that he exists. But if your view is all-too focused elsewhere, if you have trained yourself not to pay attention to God, you may miss the obvious. This book, in part, is to help you find ways to pay attention and to demonstrate why the strategies, mistakes and biases of the New Atheists and skeptics alike exactly impede seeing what is right before our eyes. Dr. Peter Feldmeier presents a rational, authoritative voice for faith. Anyone who is seeking a counter-argument for New Atheism for himself, a Family| or friend will find it in The God Conflict.

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