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Changes to the Roman Missal and How We Worship


Changes to the Roman Missal and How We Worship.We humans tend to be creatures of habit. So, when changes come along, as they inevitably do, they can provoke questions and concerns.The Catholic Church has revised the Roman Missal, so you may wonder:* Why is there a new translation?* Why were changes made?* Who made the changes and what criteria did they use?* What are the actual changes?This book seeks to answer these important questions, as well as give insight into the history of the development of the Roman Missal from early Church times to the present. A comparison of the new translation with the one it is replacing is included. Both the presider’s texts and the assembly’s texts are addressed.Like any language, liturgy is dynamic and evolving. It is also rich in history and tradition. By looking at the changes made to the new translation of the Roman Missal, this book will help the reader understand why our liturgy continues to be both a new and living tradition.

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