Seeing with the eyes of faith

Seeing with the eyes of faith

4 July 2021 14th Sunday Year B

If we hear something interesting about someone, we might be inclined to search for more information about that person. But Mark in today’s gospel tells us about a contrasting attitude displayed by the people of Nazareth, Jesus’ own kinfolk.

People in Jesus’ hometown didn’t want to learn more about him. They rejected him. They questioned his wisdom, power and authority. They saw Jesus as nothing special, an ordinary carpenter, a local man who lived a similar life to them.

These people were waiting eagerly for the Lord’s coming. They were longing for God to come and free them. They wanted to be saved. They were sure they would recognise the Messiah when he came. They didn’t recognise Jesus as the one for whom they waited. They couldn’t see that He was the One. They were unbelieving and unwelcoming, rejecting God who had taken the form of the ordinary, one like them in human flesh. They were blind to the presence of God among them.

Jesus was amazed they lacked faith. His amazement tells us of the importance of having faith. Jesus invites us to welcome Him with faith because faith opens our eyes and enables us to see God. God is always among us and with us. Our discipleship journey requires faith. If we have faith, accepting and trusting Him totally, God’s presence and what He is offering will bring new life and joy into our lives.

Every day God invites us to journey with Him. In faith, we can recognise that God is ever present in our lives and that He cares for us and wants us to have eternal life. His presence in our lives leads us to discover the gifts and talents each of us has, gifts and talents provided by God.

God participated in the very human experiences of being born, living, suffering, and eventually dying. In doing so, God made himself ‘reachable’ to humankind. Jesus was born in a stable, a simple place that could be accessed by rich and poor alike. He died on the cross so that sinners and holy people could witness and glorify him. In these ways, God shows us that He is with us whoever we are and wherever we might be.

Having faith, we sense God’s presence close to us. It also enables us to see miracles in our everyday lives. Like the people in Jesus’ hometown, these miracles will not occur if we are unaccepting. We need to open our hearts, place our trust in the Lord, and welcome Him into our lives.

May the Lord continue to give us His grace to have the ‘eyes’ of faith to see Him in every moment and at every turn in our life journey and to let Him strengthen us in our discipleship. As Saint Paul said, “For it is when I am weak that I am strong.”

Redempt Jawa CSsR

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