Russian Invasion of Ukraine

We Remember the suffering and lives lost due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This live timer displays the elapsed time since Russia invaded Ukraine. It is a reminder of the lives lost and suffering.

The timer will continue until the war ends.

Pray for the people of Ukraine. Pray for peace.

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Praying with Saint Gerard

St Gerard Majella, a Redemptorist brother, has long been known as a helper of families, especially expectant mothers, new mothers, and children. His shrine at Mater Domini in Italy receives thousands of letters each year thanking him for his intercession.

You too can ask him and the members of the Redemptorist communities to support your petition with their prayers.

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Remembering Fran always

Dennis Kelly of Grafton in NSW contacted The Majellan to pass on news about his wife of 46 years who sadly passed away almost four years ago. Dennis and Fran, a long-time Majellan subscriber, had been married since 1974 and had two sons, Simon and Matthew.


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A calming prayer-Gospel Reflection

The Shetland Islands are north of Scotland and just below the Arctic Circle. They are a group of one hundred islands with only sixteen inhabited. There is a daily ferry for travellers, but also private boats for hire.

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Jokes 19/06

Jokes Susie’s husband, George, had been slipping in and out of a coma for several months, prompting frequent visits by their parish priest. Things were

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