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Classic Articles from the Vault #10

Building Self Esteem in Young Men A Majellan Family Article Some young men face serious social problems like criminality, youth suicide and a decline in traditional sources of employment. One theory about the growing restlessness of young males is that they lack the self-confidence to make correct decisions, the self-awareness to worry about their own wellbeing and the self-control to

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Classic Articles from the Vault #9

The Flawed Beauty of Peace By David Ahern There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about building walls. While some people, sadly, believe such barriers should be used to deter refugees and asylum seekers, walls have also been erected in the past to keep opposing factions apart. Take Belfast, for example. The issue of walls took on greater

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Classic Articles from the Vault #8

Teaching Kid’s Responsibility By Carmel Wynne At one time there was a widespread belief that age brings wisdom. The assumption was that the older we get the more we know. This is no longer the case. In our modern world children of all ages have access to a world of information that few parents and even fewer grandparents know how

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Classic Articles from the Vault #7

Why Father’s are Special By David Ahern Father’s Day will be celebrated differently this year depending in which part of the country you live. Harsh restrictions will be in place in Melbourne until at least September 13, so family get togethers and celebrations will not be possible in many households. In other parts of Australia, life is relatively normal and Father’s Day

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35% of Australian’s are praying more during the COVID Pandemic

Churches Australia Churches have been forced to adapt to shutdowns, restrictions, and changes to particulars of each service. At times these restrictions have seemed arbitrary, and particularly punitive towards church goers. As Bishop Anthony Fisher mentioned a few months ago, a bus stopping at St Mary’s had less limits on people than the service inside the Cathedral. In Melbourne a

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Classic Articles from the Vault #6

The Church and Broken Marriages By Timothy J Buckley CSsR As a young parish priest in the 1980s, by far the most difficult pastoral situations I encountered were people whose marriages had broken down. Their varied circumstances provided a variety of complications and often I felt helpless in the face of their sadness and frustration.   Annulments were being granted

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