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The Majellan Magazine focuses on marriage and family life, with articles of interest to couples, parents and children. It’s a little magazine now in its 71st year and with 5,000,000 copies sold it continues to offer readers guidance and inspiration to enrich life as a family.
Here at Majellan we like to think of all our subscribers as part of our Majellan Family and there are subscribers who have been part of that family for over 50 years.

The Majellan is published four times a year and subscription is only $18 per year including postage in Australia or $20 per year including postage in New Zealand. You can sign up from one to five years.

Not only can you can take out a subscription for yourself but you can give a gift subscription to a family member or friend to help them in their relationships and family life.

If you arrange a gift subscription you can include a personal message that will accompany the first issue sent.

The Majellan is aimed at a wide-ranging demographic, from teenagers to grandparents, and prints stories of relevance and interest to families.
Stories cover raising children; marriage and divorce; fighting loneliness; difficult pregnancies; drugs in society and issues such as anxiety and depression; illness and grief.
Over the decades the role of the Majellan has remained a constant and today it still aims to inform, inspire and assist families with their struggles in a changing world.
Issues are published in Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter.


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Subscription is only $18 for 4 issues per year.


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