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Classic Articles from the Vault #13

Letter to my Granddaughter By Jan Richards To my dearest granddaughter and your husband I am over-joyed. I have just heard the wonderful news that you are having a baby. How exciting! You both must be so happy and be looking forward to welcoming this new life into your family unit. Babies are a gift from God, and I thank

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Classic Articles from the Vault #12

Hungry For Change By Bruce Duncan CsSr Our generation is one of the most fortunate in human history in terms of being well fed and nourished. Generations of people who have worked resolutely to increase food production and yields can be thanked. But the battle is far from over. Many millions still suffer and die from hunger each year. Despite

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Classic Articles from the Vault #11

Healing Through Song By Deborah Robertson Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. (Matthew 5:4) I can’t remember where I was last week when I realised that feeling had gone. Perhaps we were sitting at the kitchen table. That feeling would overwhelm me, especially when I was having a wonderful time with my son. The feeling I

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Classic Articles from the Vault #9

The Flawed Beauty of Peace By David Ahern There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about building walls. While some people, sadly, believe such barriers should be used to deter refugees and asylum seekers, walls have also been erected in the past to keep opposing factions apart. Take Belfast, for example. The issue of walls took on greater

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Classic Articles from the Vault #8

Teaching Kid’s Responsibility By Carmel Wynne At one time there was a widespread belief that age brings wisdom. The assumption was that the older we get the more we know. This is no longer the case. In our modern world children of all ages have access to a world of information that few parents and even fewer grandparents know how

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Classic Articles from the Vault #7

Why Father’s are Special By David Ahern Father’s Day will be celebrated differently this year depending in which part of the country you live. Harsh restrictions will be in place in Melbourne until at least September 13, so family get togethers and celebrations will not be possible in many households. In other parts of Australia, life is relatively normal and Father’s Day

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