Remembering Fran always

Dennis Kelly of Grafton in NSW contacted The Majellan to pass on news about his wife of 46 years who sadly passed away almost four years ago. Dennis and Fran, a long-time Majellan subscriber, had been married since 1974 and had two sons, Simon and Matthew.  

In October 2015, Fran was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Dennis says she showed “great strength and resilience as she endured the side effects of countless rounds of chemotherapy but always had a ready smile for friends and family during a courageous five-year battle with the insidious disease”.


Fran passed away peacefully surrounded by her family on July 13, 2020.


Dennis, who has two grandchildren, Mason, aged three and one-year-old Hudson, says prior to Fran’s passing, Matthew and his wife Bek, announced that Fran was to be a grandmother “which brought her much happiness”.


“Fran came from a family of seven and family was always important to her,” Dennis says. “A loving spouse and mother, she especially loved children and babies and adored all her nieces and nephews. Fran had always wanted to be a grandmother and was so thrilled when Bek and Matt were able to tell her that Bek was pregnant and that she was to have that wish.


“The boys (Mason and Hudson) each received their own framed photo with Fran that they now have in their rooms. At bedtime Matt and Bek talk to them, telling them all about Fran their Nan, so she is not forgotten. (And) Mason at bedtime now talks direct to Nan via the photo, which holds pride of place in his room.” 


On 15 June 2024, the family will celebrate Dennis and Fran’s 50th wedding anniversary. Thank you, Dennis for sharing your story and every blessing to you and your family.


Image: The photo of Dennis, Fran, Hudson and Mason.


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