At the reception following the wedding of a young couple, the Master of Ceremonies polled the guests to see who had been married the longest. To loud applause one couple announced they had been married for sixty years.

The MC said, “What advice would you pass on to the newlyweds?”

“The woman said, “The three most important words in a marriage are, “You’re probably right.”

Everyone looked at the husband who immediately said, “She’s probably right.”


What was Moses’ wife, Zipphora, known as when she’d throw dinner parties?

“The hostess with the Moses.”


What do you call a Bible character who just pulled into church? A parking Lot.


How are toddlers and those who attempted to build a tower to Heaven similar? 

They all babble.


Which nursery song would Jesus have heard the most?

“Mary Had a Little Lamb.”


How do you know that atoms are Catholic?

They have mass.


What did Daniel tell his real estate agent? 

“I’d prefer a house with no den.”


Which Bible character was the best musician?

Samson, he brought the house down.


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