Summer 2022

Majellan is on the move

The beachside suburb of Brighton in Melbourne which has been The Majellan’s home for almost 60 years will soon be our home no more. Majellan Media is moving to Notting Hill in the city’s south-east.

The very human Holy Family

I can’t relate to the Holy Family. Mary was completely without sin; Jesus was God and Joseph was a saint. That doesn’t sound a whole lot like my family! Thoughts or comments like these can easily arise when trying to engage with the subject of the Holy Family.

A grandmother’s COVID letter

As I share these thoughts, I have joy in my heart, writes Therese Harris. However, this has not always been the case. My son Matthew lives with his wife Katie in Folkestone, England. They married in 2017. Katie became pregnant in 2020 and went into labour on January 31, 2021.

A Christmas prophecy

For such a long time, the idea of getting together with family has seemed like a far-off prophecy. It seemed momentous to hope for a time when, together with our loved ones, we would feel the same sunshine, smell the same coffee, taste the same turkey. To have conversations that don’t automatically end after forty minutes because we haven’t bought the upgrade version, or only end after three awkward goodbyes as we fumble to find the red button.