Our faith journey begins

While many Catholics don’t attend church these days, there was a time they would still baptise their children. But are those days numbered? Is this sacrament still important to Catholic parents? Melanie Dooner offers an insight into why baptism is vital to our faith journey.

Pray that God walks with us

Many parents today could empathise with the father asking each of his two sons to work in their vineyard. It is not an unreasonable request. Presumably their livelihood relies on the income from the vineyard, and the father speaks not harshly but with affection, “My boy, you go and work in the vineyard today.”

Cherishing the local library

French author Victor Hugo (1805-1882) wrote, “A library is an act of faith.”


I joined my local library at about the age of ten. I clearly remember walking into the children’s section, which was something like a large walk-in wardrobe, and being overwhelmed by the floor to ceiling books. I chose two; one was by Eleanor Farjeon.

Climate crisis compels Laudato Si update

Pope Francis’ follow-up document to his 2015 encyclical on the environment will reportedly be released on October 4. The pope said he was updating the document because of the current issues affecting large parts of the planet and called on Catholics to work to help protect our ‘common home’.

God’s lavish generosity

Many of the grim-faced youths waiting to have their feet washed that Holy Thursday were heavily tattooed. They were familiar with the harsh realities of crime and violence. Nevertheless, the elderly figure knelt before them, gently washed then dried their feet, and kissed their feet lovingly.

Love is the greater power

A wandering preacher’s violent execution by a long-gone empire a couple thousand years ago is the salvation of the world? That eccentric rabbi is the king of heaven and earth? Are you joking? He said what? It is more blessed to give than to receive? He taught who will inherit the earth? Everybody knows what happens to the meek: they lose. Every time. If I strike you, and you turn the other cheek, I won. Right?

Lonely mum looking for friends

RU OK Day will be held tomorrow. This is one mother’s personal experience of loneliness and how she fought to overcome it.

My iPhone buzzed. I looked down at the text message on the glowing blue screen. The words took a moment to sink in. It was like being back in primary school and discovering you hadn’t been invited to your friend’s sleepover, only worse.

To win at all costs?

The Australian cricketers were accused of cheating during the second Ashes test when Johnny Bairstow was caught out of his crease. The ball was still live when Australia’s wicketkeeper Alex Carey stumped him.