Walking together with Jesus

There’s much discussion at the diocesan and national levels about mission renewal in keeping with what Pope Francis has said, “The joy of the church is to evangelise”. In one way or another we’re all involved in this mission, and as the pope has reminded us, ‘mission has a centre and it has a face.’

Happy homecoming

Let’s be honest. There hasn’t been much good news about lately. The war in Ukraine, rising interest rates, increased power prices, the cost of living … the negative news seem to be on endless rotation.

The war to end all wars

Humans have a terrible habit of not learning from past mistakes. After the atrocious trench warfare of World War 1 and the dreadful toll of lives lost, many world leaders said there would be no more wars. They claimed it was ‘the war to end all wars’.

God’s dance of love for all

When studying subjects dedicated to The Most Holy Trinity during my seminary formation, I was introduced to the concept of perichoresis. This Greek word suggests: a cyclical movement or an interweaving of figures. Perhaps the simplest and most beautiful way of translating this Greek word is: ‘dancing around’.

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