1 December 2019

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Reclaiming family time
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David Ahern

Current editor of The Majellan, David has spent more than 40 years as an editor/journalist

Family time is precious. People complain today that there’s not enough time to do this and that. When both parents are working and young children are involved, there can be even more complications. Life can be one long juggling act.

Reclaiming family time is a book by Tim and Sue Muldoon, who, as the parents of three children, understand the pressures on families. In their book, they offer some salient advice on what families can do to ease the workload and function better as a family.

Tim is a theologian and professor who has taught at Boston College and Sue is a therapist and religious educator who has worked in clinics and parishes.

In the book’s Introduction, the Muldoons said they had been guilty of taking on too much, both for themselves and their families. “We see young people who have high levels of stress and who, studies show, are more likely to exhibit anxiety than in prior generations,” said Tim and Sue.

“We see parents who have no lives for themselves and no time to spend on building their marriages because they are constantly getting their kids to their activities.”

It’s often about making the right choices. We are all accountable for the decisions we make in our lives and the decisions that affect others.

“By describing our book as a ‘guide to slowing down and savouring the gift of one another’, we are seeking perspective,” said Tim and Sue.

“We will also share some of the ordinary, everyday concerns that often make it hard for us to reach our ideals. The bottom line is this: this is a book about encouraging prayerful discernment of the call to parenting.

“At the end of every chapter, we’ll pose questions for consideration or conversation with a spouse, friend, or book group. These will suggest practical steps for developing a more discerning attitude toward the way you prioritise time as a family.”

Reclaiming family time (Word Among Us Press) is available from Majellan Media for $19.95, postage included.

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