1 December 2019

My Christmas blessing

1 December 2019 On Christmas Eve in 1965 my first child was born. Seventeen hours prior and showing early signs of labour, I was admitted to St Margaret’s Hospital, Darlinghurst in Sydney. After my admission, labour had progressed very slowly: the baby seemed to have settled down and nothing much was happening. The nurses were …

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Holiday blues

1 December 2019 Their experience is called a “blue” Christmas, something described by the Urban Dictionary as such: “It means to have a sad Christmas perhaps because you are away from family or alone, or even filled with thoughts of a happier time that brings tears to your eye. Blue is a symbolic color for …

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Adopting a newlywed

1 December 2019 The program for a short time also operated in Sydney and Melbourne. Newly married couples can share their life experiences with couples who’ve been married for at least five to 10 years. The program was started by Maurie and Bernice Boland who had received requests from young newly marrieds who said they …

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