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Current editor of The Majellan, David has spent more than 40 years as an editor/journalist .

It’s been another difficult year with the pandemic causing heartache for families across Australia and New Zealand. Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland were most affected by harsh restrictions, but many regional areas were also hit with lockdowns, often with little warning.

After the chaos of 2020 there was genuine expectation that things would improve this year but alas our hopes and desires were cruelly dashed. Couples had to cancel weddings, twenty-first birthdays were put on ice (no pun intended), funerals for many were an online experience, and school students missed out on seeing their friends for months on end.

For Year 11 and 12 students especially, who should have been enjoying their final years of schooling complete with all the trappings and celebrations, COVID-19 has been devastating.

It can be difficult to see the bright side of life when the news seems all bad and we’ve had plenty of bad news these past two years.

But with higher vaccination levels, we can only pray that 2022 will resemble something akin to normal. For those of us that reside in Melbourne, after six lockdowns, we most definitely need a break from the virus and all its associated complications and miseries.

However, like most things in life there is always a bright side. As the old adage goes, the night is darkest just before the dawn. With warmer weather upon us, the annual summer break is looking good. Travel between most States and Territories is freeing up and loved ones will be able to get together for Christmas.

The big news for us at Majellan is our big move in 2022. After 58 years at Brighton, Majellan is on the move to Notting Hill, an outer south-eastern Melbourne suburb. It will be sad to say goodbye to Majellan House which has served the Redemptorist community so well for so long.

The Redemptorist Fathers decided to move their operations from Ballarat to Brighton in the early 1960s. Back in the day numerous priests and brothers lived at Majellan House, either working on the magazine and various publications or performing other duties. However, with the number of religious dwindling in recent years the decision to move from Brighton, which is a rather large three-storey house, makes perfect sense.

I’ll admit the ocean views and the beach walks at lunchtime will be missed but you can’t hold back the winds of change.

Our location may be changing, but our commitment to our loyal and long-time subscribers will remain. As Bishop Paul Bird CSsR and former Majellan editor wrote in our 70th anniversary book, “Over the years, the Majellan has sought to address people’s joys and hopes, and their griefs and anxieties, especially in relation to family life. The commitment to be close to families continues to the present.”

The Majellan will continue to share articles about family life, the issues families face, life’s ups and downs and everything in between.

I hope you have a blessed and Holy Christmas. Stay safe and we look forward to your continued association with our Majellan family in 2022.

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