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Shedding loneliness

1 March 2019 But it wasn’t for romantic reasons that his heart was aflutter. He was happily married and he’d just shared a pleasant breakfast with his wife. Nor was it the grey, monolithic tombstones, sprouting from the grounds of the cemetery that ran along the property’s edge. Rather it was anxiety, at the thought

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Such a shame!

1 March 2019 “Get your shorts on,” his father said as he came through the front door. “I’m taking you to the Little League tryouts.” Joseph blinked in surprise. His father, who worked long hours as a builder, had never bought him a baseball bat or mitt, or tossed a ball back and forth in

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Animals are good mentors

1 March 2019 All his stories conveyed messages of love, kindness, generosity, self-acceptance, forgiveness, reconciliation and many other virtues. These are also, of course, gospel values. Consider Jesus and the way he preached the gospel through the medium of stories. In fact, several of his parables are not overtly ‘religious’ and don’t even mention God

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1 March 2019 Respect was a learned trait through the deeds and actions of my parents, grandparents and others; respect needed to be shown to my teachers at school, friends I played with in the street and the woman who ran the local grocery store. Politeness was drummed into me and even if I didn’t

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The power of prayer

1 March 2019 The boy survived and after recovery said, “I’d skip out early in the morning before school and go to Mass. I knew my parents wouldn’t approve, so I never told them.” That five-year-old would live into his 90s and become a Trappist monk, author, lecturer, and a priest who re-introduced meditation and

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