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In this latest Parenting Session podcast, we talk to Dr Robyn Mills about the special love grandparents have for their grandchildren and how they can teach a child about love. Robyn, a grandmother of six who has worked in the health field for 47 years in areas such as psychology and nursing, says grandparents can teach children from a young age to show love, respect, compassion, sharing and kindness.

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Figuring Out Families aims to help families to be the best that they can be. We interview experts in the field who provide practical advice and tips to help couples with their relationships and raising their children.

In our podcast series, Parenting Sessions, we are joined by:

Dr Rosina McAlpine.  author, parenting expert and CEO of Win Win Parenting.

Rachel Schofield, Parent Coach, Family Counsellor, and a Professional Member of the Australian Association of Family Therapists 

Robyn Mills who has a PhD in Psychology and 45 years experience as a health professional, including as a psychologist and Life Skills educator. 

In each session we provide valuable advice and tips on how families can manage their lives with more confidence and with less stress, resulting in better outcomes for children and a more peaceful family home.

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For over 70 years Majellan has provided advice, shared stories of family life and helped family members deal with the problems that arise.

We’ve helped thousands with their family issues.

Now, in these podcasts we’ll set about Figuring out Families.

New Parenting Podcast Out Now

In this Parenting Session, parenting expert and mother of two, Rachel Schofield explains how to use Giggle Games. These games help a child adjust to a new sibling, assist to settle squabbles between children and build lasting sibling bonds. The podcast contains great tips on what games to play and the effectiveness of Giggle Games to help children in dealing with issues.