Sensational Saints – St Fancis od Assisi

Francis preached the Christian doctrine that the world was created good and beautiful by God but suffers a need for redemption because of human sin. As someone who saw God reflected in nature, “St. Francis was a great lover of God’s creation … In the Canticle of the Sun he gives God thanks for Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Brother Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth, all of which he sees as rendering praise to God.

Grandparent’s Podcast

The latest Figuring out Families podcast rounds off the Rachel Schofield series on building sibling relationships and strengthening family bonds. She provides many wonderful ideas to help siblings grow and thrive together and details practical strategies and practices that every family can use.

Rachel is a parent coach, professional member of the Australian Association of Family Therapists, and Mother of two boys.


E – Books Click on book cover to read Cacoethes Scribendi E-Book by Max Barrett CSsR In his autobiography, Cacoethes Scribendi (the itch to write), Father Max Barrett makes a tongue-in-cheek claim that acclaimed English humourist PG. Wodehouse was adopted into the Barrett family as an additional brother. When his two older brothers introduced him …

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