Sunday reflections

Looking for the hard truth

Although Thomas is called the ‘twin’, he might be better named Thomas the ‘realist’. Unlike other disciples, Thomas is not about to believe in something as improbable as Jesus rising from the dead unless he has hard evidence. We might even call him Thomas the ‘sceptic’ who believes only in things he can see and touch. Yet, our ‘doubting Thomas’ has more to teach us than is commonly realised.

Jesus lives!

There was a Russian Cossack, who had two sons in the First World War. Their names were Peter and Gregory. One day the father received a letter from the front. Unable to read he handed it to his daughter.

Evil doesn’t have the last word

Soon after a refugee family moved into their new home, they became victims of racial abuse. One morning, as Fariza left the house to walk her two young children to school, they were confronted by a rowdy mob waving placards, shouting obscenities, and smearing the house and front fence with hate-filled graffiti.

Mercy and compassion above all

If you were asked to name ten famous figures in the #Bible, you would probably list a series of well-known male identities, for example, Abraham, Moses, Job, Jesus, Peter, or Paul. Of the 1426 names mentioned in the Bible, 1315 are male. Only 111 women’s names appear in the Sacred Scriptures.

Where to find repentance

We might understand saying sorry, or an apology, forgiveness, even reconciliation and healing, but often we’re uncertain what part repentance plays in our lives. Yet it’s the very first thing that Jesus calls us to in the gospels and in Lent it’s front and centre.

Spring-cleaning our minds of temptation

Today’s gospel tells us of the temptations which Jesus experienced when, in preparation for his public ministry, he’d gone out to the desert wilderness for a time of prayer and fasting. The gospel leaves us in no doubt Jesus knew the reality of temptation. He knew too that we, his followers, would face temptation of various kinds.

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