Sunday reflections

Knowing the nobody as somebody

It’s easy enough to be invisible in our society, just be poor. We often don’t see the outsiders, who become the nobodies, and then, quite literally, we remove them from our sight – to cheap motels, to grotty boarding houses, to the edges of our cities, to Christmas Island, while not forgetting those who lie at our gates in what we call the ‘Third World’: out of sight so they might all be kept out of mind.  

The cost of following Jesus

We often speak of learning from our mistakes, even though we sometimes fail to do so. Likewise, if you are interested in sport, you will often hear sportsmen or women speak of “taking the positives” from a contest they have lost, especially if it’s a narrow loss. 

Instruments of God’s work

In “Walking in a Relaxed Manner”, Sister Joyce Rupp described how despite months of training and preparation, she never anticipated how difficult her 825 km walk on the Camino would be. She was often at the mercy of the weather and challenged by the rugged terrain.

The peace that stays with us

Bearing in mind that Luke begins his gospel with stories surrounding the birth of Jesus and the angels joyfully singing – Glory to God in the highest heaven, and PEACE to people who enjoy his favour – it is not unreasonable for us to answer the Lord’s question with “Yes”.