Sunday reflections

A new way of teaching

In today’s gospel, the Evangelist Mark, from whose gospel we will take the readings this year (Year B), tells us about the very beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. Last week, we learnt of Jesus choosing his disciples. This week, Mark describes Jesus’ first public action. In important ways, this portrayal of Jesus here at the outset of his public life encapsulates the key elements of Jesus’ person and ministry that inform Mark’s whole gospel.

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A call to conversion

The Greek word “metanoia” is often used by theologians as well as psychologists to describe a deep change of heart and mind, which results from having our previous beliefs and values challenged and consequently, turning towards a way of living which embraces a greater openness to growth and to God. It is this invitation which Jesus put to his disciples by the sea of Galilee in today’s gospel.

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Hidden treasures

Many would have seen the 2016 movie, “Hidden Figures,” which focused on the roles of three African American women mathematicians – Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson – who worked at NASA during the Mercury program. Few would have known how these three women played crucial roles in the success of John Glenn’s historic spaceflight.

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Like Mary we are called to be prophets

In preparation for the birth of Jesus tomorrow, today we celebrate the Annunciation, the announcement to Mary that she is being invited to become the mother of the Saviour. Moreover, we hear the story in the Gospel of Luke who portrays Mary as a true believer and first disciple of Jesus. While Mary is not a disciple like the Twelve who accompany Jesus in his ministry, she is presented as the true disciple who hears the Word of God and acts upon it.

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