Jokes 19/06

Jokes Susie’s husband, George, had been slipping in and out of a coma for several months, prompting frequent visits by their parish priest. Things were looking grim, but she was next to her husband’s bedside every single day without exception.   One day as George slipped back into consciousness, he motioned for her to come

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Planting the seeds of love – Gospel reflection

Most things start small. Someone asks you to be part of a group and a few years later, on reflection, it turns out to have played a significant part in your life. You just kept turning up and something grew there almost unawares. Then, at a particular point, you may have come to understand God was present there and had been all along.

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Jokes 12/06

Jokes In the words of Pope Francis who has invited 100 comedians to the Vatican to discuss comedy’s impact on culture, “A sense of humour is a grace that I ask for every day, and I pray that beautiful prayer of St Thomas More: ‘Give me, Lord, a sense of humour,’ that I know how

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