A special love

Grandparents play a very important role in the life of their grandchildren. They, along with their parents, help to teach their grandchildren how to show love, respect, compassion, sharing, and kindness.

A love that conquers all

“God is love,” says St John in a famous line. There has never been a more radical statement in the history of humanity. To understand its original contrast with the generally accepted accounts of divinity in the ancient world is to grasp afresh its revolutionary quality.

A rebirth of faith

In the Acts of the Apostles, we hear that devout Jews from every nation had gathered in Jerusalem for the feast of Shavuot which commemorated the most important event in Israel’s history, the giving of the Torah (the first five books in the Hebrew Bible) to Moses at Mt Sinai.

Rollo’s community legacy

On a searing Gold Coast morning, my neighbour, Rollo Meyers, stood in his eponymous park in Runaway Bay, tipping water out of a wheelbarrow. The garden tools and spray bottles he stored in the tray clattered noisily to the rim as he angled the front braces toward the ground.

I am with you always

Forty days after Easter, when we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection, today we celebrate his ascension into heaven and to the right hand of the Father. Artists throughout the centuries have imagined the scene: the disciples staring upwards as the Risen Jesus is lifted up before them and disappears into the clouds. Their last glimpse of him is his feet as he disappears from sight.

My family’s faithful moments

At a little over 160 cm, I’m not tall but I’m also not short. And yet I find myself with two children, of which our eldest is 10 years old and now less than 8 cm from overtaking me. As I see him edging ever closer to my height, I’ve been heard to beg him in mock desperation, “Would you please stop growing?”

Speaking the language of love

US researcher Gary Chapman realised that couples and families have different needs and wants around love. He understood that couples in love will support each other because they want their relationship to work. But there are times they don’t connect and can’t seem to get it quite right. This happens in all relationships.

Magic of mothers

Mum, madre or mutter: it doesn’t matter what language as it all translates to love. So, Mother’s Day? Not quite sure what this means for most women. I know for me, a mum of two daughters aged six and eight that so far it hasn’t meant a day of R&R. With early risers, 6.30am is the latest I sleep in.