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School Is Back

How To Know If Your Sending Your Kid to a Good School? One of the biggest decisions for any parent, apart from buying a house, is selecting the right school for their child, especially secondary education. Every child is different and every school is different. Principal of CBC St Kilda Gerald Bain-King offers some practical …

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Merry Christmas 2020 Merry Christmas This year has been different! For those of us in Australia and New Zealand where we are approaching normality, it could be easy to forget the struggles that continue in other countries where infection numbers remain high – and growing, and where many are still suffering. Let us pause a moment each …

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Duc’s Migrant Story

In an ordinary suburban house in an ordinary Australian suburb, there’s a home with an extraordinary story of welcome and love that transcends national and cultural boundaries. Peter and Carol have taken an asylum seeker named Duc into their home and hearts. Apart from the common humanity they share, the three are joined by their …

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