Laudato Si

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Pope’s call for justice

See the good in everyone; seek the good together – Pope Francis

Pope Francis has an unmatched gift to speak to millions of people as if heart-to-heart. He speaks of Christian faith in a way that is fresh and appealing: God loves each one, without exception, intensely and personally.

Guardians of the planet

Pope Francis borrows from St Francis’s poem, ‘Song to the Creatures’, for the title of his new encyclical, Praise to You: on care for our common home, recalling for us today the spirituality of St Francis in his love and care for all God’s creatures and the earth itself.

Prevailing hope, not despair

Over the centuries there have been terrible disasters that to the people of the time would have seemed like signs of the apocalypse. There was the Black Death in the 14th century that killed 50 million people in Europe or some 60 percent of the population; the First World War followed by the influenza epidemic; and the destruction wrought by the Second World War.

Nature’s Revenge

Pope Francis has been one of the most prominent voices internationally warning about the ‘catastrophic’ dangers of climate change in his 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’.

Yet some people are annoyed with Pope Francis because of his constant advocacy for urgent action on climate change. But Francis insists climate change involves crucial moral issues, threatening the life support systems of the entire planet.