A new year begins

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David Ahern

David is Editor of The Majellan

Four weeks into the new year and life after the summer break continues as usual for many of us.

Many people will have made New Year’s resolutions on December 31. To give up smoking, drink less and lose weight, chiefly amongst them. It’s true to say despite people’s best intentions many of those resolutions have already fallen in a heap.


Resolutions aside, what will 2024 deliver?  


Let’s start with what we know. The conflicts in Gaza and the Ukraine show no signs of stopping, Australians are still worried about the cost of living and the promise of a drier and warmer summer has not materialised, unless you live on the west coast.


On the bright side the Paris Olympics are scheduled for July and August. The Olympics are sure to provide some welcome respite from the usual bad news and drudgery that can dominate the news headlines.



The chant, “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi! Oi! Oi!” will be shouted in many loungerooms around the country.


Another highlight is Pope Francis’ announcement of a Year of Prayer in the lead up to the Catholic Church’s Jubilee Year in 2025. The pontiff has asked us all to pray more as we prepare for next year’s Jubilee.


As a nation our influence over major world events is very limited. However, we can continue to pray for an end to the conflicts that have taken so many innocent lives and hope commonsense will eventually prevail.


Like years past, 2024 will bring its ups and downs. There will be the predictable and the unpredictable. There will be the happy and the sad. We are only 24 years into a new century. Let’s hope and pray that life improves for the many.


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