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At Majellan Media, our mission is to support families on their journey to becoming the best they can be. One of the ways we achieve this is through our wide range of engaging and informative podcasts. If you’re looking for valuable insights, inspiration, and advice on various aspects of family life, you’ve come to the right place.


Our podcasts cover a diverse range of topics, all centered around strengthening family bonds, faith, and values. Whether you’re interested in parenting tips, relationship advice, spiritual growth, or simply seeking some entertainment, our podcasts offer something for everyone.


Why choose Majellan Media podcasts?

  • Expert Insights: Our podcasts feature experts and experienced individuals who share their wisdom and guidance on family-related issues.
  • Inspiring Stories: Discover heartwarming stories of real families facing everyday challenges and triumphing over them.
  • Faith and Values: We provide content that aligns with Catholic teachings, allowing you to grow in your faith while strengthening your family.

Start exploring our podcasts today and join us on the journey to building stronger, more resilient, and happier families. Simply click a link below to begin listening to our collection of podcasts. We hope you find them valuable and enjoyable!

New podcast series on prayer!

Titled Prayer is Life this series features David Hore CSsR exploring new ways at looking at prayer to help each of us discover the true meaning of prayer and how to build a close relationship with our loving God.  


During the series we will explore what prayer is – and isn’t, how to pray the way that suits you best and explore how prayer and life are entwined so much so that Prayer IS life and all of life is a prayer.

Podcast Series