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Mary’s shared experience

This is the age of celebrity. To have a selfie taken with a famous person seems to be the ambition of half the population. After all, in every generation people have looked up to those who have made their grand mark in life.

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Laudato Si Week 2022

Laudato Si’ Week encourages the faithful to intensify efforts against climate crisis. The weeklong event marking the seventh anniversary of Pope Francis’ encyclical on creation care, will feature a series of global celebrations and the first-ever public sneak peek of The Invitation, a new film featuring Pope Francis.

Hundreds of thousands of Catholics will unite from May 22-29 to celebrate the progress made in bringing Laudato Si’ to life and intensify their efforts through the Vatican’s Laudato Si’ Action Platform which is empowering Catholic institutions, communities, and families to fully implement Laudato Si’.

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Laudato Si

Laudato Si Partnership In a first for Australia, Majellan Media has partnered with the international Laudato Si’ Movement to inspire Catholic communities to tackle the

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Making a home with God

We are still in the Easter season celebrating a new creation. John’s gospel takes us back before the Easter event as we hear another part of the farewell spoken by Jesus before his death.

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Pope Francis says we all need to listen

Dear brothers and sisters,

last year we reflected on the need to “Come and See” in order to discover reality and be able to recount it beginning with experiencing events and meeting people. Continuing in this vein, I would now like to draw attention to another word, “listen”, which is decisive in the grammar of communication and a condition for genuine dialogue.

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The importance of listening

Communication is the foundation of a strong relationship. There are a lot of pitfalls that go with communication, but there’s also a lot of practical things that people can do that actually work to help.

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A vision of the church across time

This Sunday’s readings give us an understanding of the life of the Church. The first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, we see the Church’s very beginnings. Paul and Barnabas travel between cities sharing the Good News of the gospel.

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Creating happy memories

With only two months to go until my youngest son starts Kindergarten, my thoughts have turned to how best to spend our remaining non-preschool days together, given that I’m in the privileged position of being at home on the days he isn’t at preschool.

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Family life: warts and all

No doubt before you read this article you may find yourself wanting to tell the pope a thing or two of your own experiences of family life! Fair enough. But do we all have the global perspective Pope Francis enjoys?

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Blessed to be part of the flock

The image of God as shepherd of his people is strong in both the Old and the New Testament. Indeed, one of the earliest and most loved images of Jesus in the early Church was of him as the Good Shepherd who so loves his sheep that he lays down his life for them.

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A Mother’s Day wish

Dear Mum, I’m sorry I made you cry. I’ll never forget seeing you standing under the streetlight at the end of Carols by Candlelight, wiping your eyes, while the crowds streamed around you as they walked away from the beach.

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