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Praying as a family podcast

Our latest chat with Redemptorist priest David Hore peels back the layers of complexity we often associate with prayer, revealing its rich simplicity. Fr David encourages us – whether we’re knee-deep in deadlines or juggling life’s demands – to find peace in bite-sized prayers and the quiet company of God throughout our day, , rather than cramming for a spiritual session that feels more like a chore than a chat with the divine.

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The Good Shepherd’s promise

This week’s readings highlight how knowing Christ can change people. The first reading shows how the Resurrection and the presence of the Holy Spirit transformed Peter. Now, he heals as Jesus did and preaches as Jesus preached.

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Inspiration in friendship

🫶 Together We Rise: Embracing Friendship and Solidarity🫶 “Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter: whoever finds one has found a treasure.” – Sirach 6:14 Friendship

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Jokes 17/4

After a long and successful career as a small business owner, a man decides he wants to devote the rest of his life to God, so he joins a seminary and studies to be a priest. A few years later after his ordination he is assigned to a parish. One Saturday afternoon he was about to hear confessions when he met an old friend from his former life.

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Putting others first

The tragic deaths of seven aid workers including an Australian woman in Gaza last week highlights the dangers of working in war zones. It also highlights the selfless nature of people who want to help others, no matter the risk to their own personal safety.

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Prayer is Life

Mastering the practice of prayer

Have you ever caught yourself wondering if there’s a way to tune into a frequency where life’s static fades, and you hear something divine? That’s precisely where Redemptorist Priest David Hore steps in, offering a compass to navigate the sacred act of prayer. Our latest heart-to-heart with Fr David peels back layers of everyday noise to reveal the core of spirituality through a regular prayer routine. Embracing the quiet, we unravel the profound impact of solitude and how it can sharpen our awareness, making us more reflective and thankful beings.

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Called to be prophetic witnesses

To his Nazi captors, Polish priest and Conventual Franciscan friar Maximilian Kolbe was prisoner number 16670. But to Franciszek Gajowniczczek, his fellow inmate in Auschwitz, Maximilian was much more and his sacrifice would change his life forever.

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Inspiring Selflessness

🫶 SHINING A LIGHT ON SELFLESSNESS 🫶 “Selflessness is not sacrificing something for others; it is sacrificing everything for others” – Saint Teresa of Calcutta

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Jokes 10/4

Following Mass one Sunday morning, a thoughtless parishioner tossed a cigarette butt into the garden. Spotting the smouldering bush, the parish priest pulled out his mobile phone and called the fire department.

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Becoming a mother

Motherhood is a beautifully enriching time that realises a couple’s hopes and dreams. However, leading up to the child’s birth can be a time of

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Being crafty at Advent

In preparation for Christmas and Advent which starts tomorrow, why not make your own family Advent calendar.  All you need are envelopes, pegs from the

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Be a lucky family

If you feel unlucky the chances are you probably will be. But if you are feeling lucky then the cards might be stacked in your favour.

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Your story matters

The magical power that’s fundamental to the telling of every person’s story is powerful and can help your family.

Overcoming trauma or just turning a negative into a positive can a create a collective sense of belonging and being needed.

So, embrace your stories! Your story may seem insignificant but not to your family. Digging out an old stump in the back garden, buying a new puppy or relating your insomnia are stories that should be told rather than kept to yourself.

When we share our everyday stories with family and friends, we humanise our experience, cementing the bonds with the people we love.

I recently heard a story of a beautiful wedding; the weather was perfect, and the bride and groom looked gorgeous. Unfortunately, a guest accidentally spat red wine over the bride’s white wedding gown at the end of the night. The bride was upset that her beautiful dress was ruined on the best day of her life. Perhaps she’d planned to hand the dress on to a future daughter.

Every person has a unique story, good and bad. Bring your story back to life!

Excellent day all

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The language of compassion

The daily work grind for most of us will be taking a long and well-deserved break this coming weekend.

With four days off for Victorians and many others around Australia having 3 days off, including the public holiday to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s recent passing, take a minute to consider the word ‘compassion’.

Compassion is part of the human condition and is crucial. Some people have a lot of compassion for the less fortunate while others rarely display empathy towards others.

With finals in many sports happening during September, it is important to show compassion for the loser. In any final there is always a winner and a loser. The individual or team that loses will be hurting so some kind words can make a difference.

“They did their best and deserve to be congratulated” or “They may not have won the game, but they earned our respect for the way they played.”

Do you show compassion? If not, perhaps it is something we could all work on over the long weekend.

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