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Introducing “Chatter Matters” – a ground-breaking podcast initiative by Majellan Media and St John’s Regional College Dandenong, designed to empower high school students as they navigate the complexities of adolescence. With over 70 years of experience in providing advice to families, Majellan Media has teamed up with St John’s Regional College Dandenong to bring you this engaging and insightful podcast series.

Featuring candid, 15-minute conversations between young people, “Chatter Matters” delves into pressing issues that matter most to teens, such as friendships, social media, mental health, and self-confidence. These accessible discussions provide a safe and relatable space for students to connect with their peers and gain invaluable perspectives on the challenges they face.

Perfect for classroom use, the podcast encourages open dialogue, with teachers and parents supported by free, downloadable worksheets to help foster meaningful conversations. By listening to the experiences of their fellow students, teens will be inspired to share their own stories and find the support they need to thrive.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring “Chatter Matters” to your school community and help your students build resilience, empathy, and understanding and make a difference in the lives of young people today!


Each episode is recorded live and comprises of four students from year 11 and a student wellbeing officer/psycholigist. 

  • Milan works as a school psychologist at St John’s Regional College. He is very interested in supporting young people to build their sense of identity, growing skills/knowledge and connecting to hopes, values and ethics that keep each of us sustained in school and in life.
  • Jo works as a Student and Family Counsellor at St John’s. Her background in Child, Youth and Family Mental Health, and Family Therapy informs her practice in her advocacy and support for students and families at St John’s.
  • Achok is a Youth Worker/ Student Counsellor at St John’s Regional College. She is dedicated to supporting young people’s emotional, social, educational growth, and empowering them for a positive societal role.

Achok, Jo and Milan consult with young people in individual, family, groups and community contexts.


Chatter Matters

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