Majellan Sunday Bulletins

For 30 years, parishes have trusted Majellan for bulletins with solid theological content and pastoral reflections. That tradition continues today via our cost effective, downloadable bulletins.

Majellan’s popular Sunday bulletins feature the pastoral reflections of leading theologians and scholars in a down-to-earth writing style which makes Scripture relatable and easy to understand.

Sunday bulletins are available for download from our website and are available in A4 (folded to A5) or A3 (folded to A4) sizes. 

Look, Children’s Bulletins are A4 size.

Better for the environment

Downloadable bulletins are better for the environment by minimising wasted paper and reduced carbon emissions due to no shipping.  

Theologically sound

Writers of the reflection and commentary on the scripture are carefully chosen and all articles are vetted by experienced theologians.


With our prepared material parishes only need to put together their own content and print on inside page. 

Attractive, modern design

The bulletin is in full colour and its design makes it appealing and easy to read.

A4 Bulletin folds to A5

A3 Bulletin folds to A4